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What is VictoryaHome?

VictoryaHome monitors your health and safety, facilitates social contact, and creates peace of mind. The VictoryaHome services do not depend on automated functions, but empower family and friends, and bring immediate human presence when needed. Therefore, it includes smart devices like an activity monitor, fall detector and an automatic pill dispenser, a smartphone app for family and friends, an online dashboard for response centres, and a mobile telepresence device that stays with the senior. Read more about VictoryaHome.


Vision of the project

The vision of our project reads “Be Well – VictoryaHome – Create Possibilities”. VictoryaHome is not only about responding to specific health or wellbeing problems, but mainly promotes self-care, being in control, and creating your own solutions. VictoryaHome provides the technology to connect you to your family and friends around you, to choose which support you would like to have, and to live your life the way you want to. Read more about our Vision.


Mission of the project

Our mission is to support people in taking care for each other, and to bring peace of mind for all users. Therefore, we develop the VictoryaHome system and services in a user-centred design approach, we test these services with a large group of end-users in long-term trials in their own homes, and we include end-users, family, friends and professionals in four European countries. Also, we develop a solid business strategy that fits within existing care models. Read more about our Mission.


Summary of goals

The main goal of VictoryaHome is to design, create and roll out useful services to improve people’s wellbeing, independence, health and safety – not only for seniors, but also for their family, friends and professional caregivers. After this, VictoryaHome wants to reach a 10% market penetration in the care organizations that are part of the project team. Therefore, strong collaboration takes place between the teams working on the business strategy and the care processes, in order to guarantee a sustainable set of services after the project has met its goals. Read more about our Goals.


Results so far

The VictoryaHome project has been active for almost 2 years. During this period, three full cycles of user-centred design have been caried out, shaping the system and services. Also country-specific information on current care processes has been analysed, and the system has been developed. Currently, 40 families are being equiped and with VictoryaHome for long-term trials. Next to this, an initial business strategy has been created, and the project team has been present at many conferences, exhibitions, and events to inform future users and care organisations about VictoryaHome. Read more about our Results.


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  • Starting date: April 1, 2013
  • End date: March 31, 2016
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Total investment: 2,36 million Euro
  • Public contribution: 1,31 million Euro
  • Funding: VictoryaHome is partly funded by the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme

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