The system is composed of a social robot and the SerenityApp for Android based smartphones and smart devices which include activity monitoring, fall detection, and an automatic medication dispenser. With the system is also provided an online dashboard for emergency response centres.

The mobile SerenityApp gives family, friends and other caregivers an overview of the senior’s wellbeing, by showing for example missed medication, falls and “Visit Me” requests sent by the senior via the Social Robot. In response, the caregivers can use the Social Robot to make a virtual visit. In case of emergency, professional carers can act using the dashboard and the Social Robot.

VictoryaHome wins AAL Award 2015

VictoryaHome was the winner of the prestigious award at the AAL Forum in Ghent. The jury felt that VictoryaHome demonstrated good user orientation, and showed a good case for being able to be introduced into care services. It has been well tested, it is close to market, and there are well-developed business plans. The jury thinks that this project will successfully deploy into the growing market for service robotics.

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