Vision & Mission

The vision of our project is “Be Well – VictoryaHome – Create Possibilities”. VictoryaHome is not only about responding to specific health or wellbeing problems, but mainly promotes self-care, being in control, and creating your own solutions. Therefore, VictoryaHome provides the technology to connect you to your family and friends around you, to choose which support you would like to have, and to live your life the way you want to.

It is the project’s mission to support people in taking care for each other and to bring peace of mind to all users. The project developed the VictoryaHome system and services in a user-centred design approach to test and evaluate these services with a large group of end-users in long-term trials in their own homes. The end-users’ social environments included their family, friends and professional caregivers. Tests were performed in four European countries: The Netherlands, Norway,  Portugal and Sweden. A robust and sustainable business strategy was developed that fits within existing care processes.

1.Improving people’s wellbeing
Increase quality of life:
Bring pleasure
Bring peace of mind
Decrease the burden of providing informal care
Reduce loneliness:
Support social contact
Offer the feeling of being connected
Offer a way to share feelings and experiences

2.Improving people’s independence
Enable people to stay independent
Increase autonomy
Support self-management
Delay the need to move to a formal care institution

3.Improving people’s health
Increase activity levels
Increase medication adherence
Reduce depressive symptoms

 1. Develop useful and innovative services
The main goal of the VictoryaHome project is to create and rollout useful and usable services offering added value to a large group of potential end-users – seniors living at home, their family, friends and professional caregivers.

2. Run long-term effect studies
Another goal of the VictoryaHome project is to run long-term effect studies with the newly developed services. During one year, a group of end-users in four different countries (The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden) used the VictoryaHome solution in order to evaluate and improve the system and services.

3. Develop new businesses
The final goal of the VictoryaHome project is to develop a sustainable business case around the newly developed services, to guarantee the continuation of the set of services after the 3-year project has ended. Therefore, strong collaboration takes place between the teams working on the business strategy, on the development of new care processes, and on the long-term effect studies.